Retail Data Service

Retail Data Service

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Providing High Integrity Customer Data and Pricing in Real Time
Introducing a ground-breaking platform that provides energy retailers and end-users with real-time pricing, capacity and transmission tags, and both historical and forecasted usage — all based upon individual customer attributes. Whether through a browser or an API, a name and an address is all you need to receive accurate pricing and usage forecasts before you enroll a new customer.


Retail Energy is all about using customer data effectively.

  • There is a lot of customer data available ─ what you have in-house and the data available by state regulatory mandate.
  • Customer data is hard to clean, organize and render available for on-the-fly pricing.
  • Data sets are extremely large. State-of-the-art data analysis is essential.
  • In an era of low energy prices and net metering, having an accurate representation of customer behavior supporting your decisions is more important than ever.


A name and address (and a little extra information if your sales force can obtain it) is enough for you to have immediate access to accurate pricing and forecasts, in addition to reliable historical usage and tag data.

  • We use all available data, supplementing your in-house customer information with public data sets, and then deploy our analytics platform to provide high quality valuation, customer usage forecasts, capacity and transmission tags within seconds.
  • The cost of the RDS service is very competitive and is based on frequency of use.
  • Enhanced data access and discounted pricing for users that contribute usage and other attributes of their customer base.


In the current environment a “one-size-fits-all” pricing grid is not adequate. Retailers need to differentiate customers based on usage, tags and location. RDS takes pricing to the next level.

  • Increase margins by dynamically pricing based upon unique customer attributes.
  • Improve acquisition and retention of customers with favorable statistical consumption patterns.
  • Take advantage of the convenient web-based interface for sales teams and API for integration with sales systems.


To Get RDS
  • Contact us for pricing, contractual terms and how to get started!
Finally, a real-time data solution for dynamically pricing retail customers.
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