RPD Energy and Scoville Risk Partners Announce Strategic Partnership

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RPD Energy and Scoville Risk Partners Announce Strategic Partnership

Renewable energy will be forecasted, sourced, delivered and utilized
in order to meet or exceed energy sustainability goals

Houston, TX & Princeton, NJ – May 19, 2022 – RPD Energy and Scoville Risk Partners are pleased to announce they have formed a strategic partnership, leveraging RPD Energy’s innovative renewable energy solutions with Scoville Risk Partners’ robust, strategy-led energy advisory and analytics platform.

The RPD Energy-Scoville Risk Partners partnership brings together deep, comprehensive skills in energy strategy and analytics, allowing renewable energy to be forecasted, sourced, delivered and utilized, thereby reinforcing a commitment to a carbon-zero world by facilitating 24/7 energy solutions to help support U.S. companies in meeting or exceeding their energy sustainability goals.

“With the addition of robust analytics and forecasting, we believe this partnership enables even more impactful renewable energy solutions for our clients,” said Eric Alam, RPD Energy CEO. “U.S. companies want a clear path to renewable energy leading to a 24/7 product. This partnership will allow us to succeed in enabling our clients to meet and even exceed their renewable energy goals.”

With the growing need for U.S. businesses to utilize and support the development of 24/7 renewable energy, acquiring dependable renewable energy for strategic resource planning is crucial. Both Scoville Risk Partners and RPD Energy recognize the need to support the development of renewable energy solutions to lead efforts in decarbonization and continue to serve as proactive players in fighting climate change.

By virtually connecting RPD Energy’s database of U.S. companies that require renewable energy solutions with Scoville Risk Partners’ deep energy analytics capabilities, the collaboration represents a strong, innovative way to serve the needs of U.S. businesses and propel 24/7 carbon-free energy into the marketplace.

Scoville Risk Partners is currently funded by ARPA-E (jointly with Princeton University and UCSB) to design next-generation probabilistic models of the behavior of large sets of renewables assets and to develop market structures that can accommodate high renewables footprint. This research has resulted in state-of-the-art simulation methodologies for future renewables production correlated realistically across assets.

“Partnering with RPD Energy to deliver robust renewable energy plans will allow us to provide the very best energy analytics solutions on which we’ll design and build powerful renewable energy plans for U.S. businesses,” said Glen Swindle, Managing Partner at Scoville Risk Partners. “Working as one team, we will unlock the full potential of 24/7 renewable energy and lead our clients on the best path for success in their sustainability and net zero goals.”

The RPD Energy-Scoville Risk Partners partnership is a powerful alliance. Scoville Risk Partners’ keen advisory abilities, along with its deep energy analytics expertise, is uniquely complimentary to renewable energy projects, providing lasting value.

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