Energy Advisory

Energy Advisory

Do you know what you are getting from your current energy supplier, and at what cost? At Scoville, we take energy advisory and procurement services to a new level. With over 100 years of combined experience, as true energy professionals, our risk management platform and advisory services helps our clients reach their objectives through rigorous analysis and transparent results. Let us show you how we can lower your overall energy spend with a better understanding of how you use energy and by accurately establishing your true market risk through modeling that is second to none in the current broker/consultant space.

Our technology is designed to analyze your usage requirements and risks in the market so that we can help you develop and execute strategies, that will achieve your corporate objectives at a lower cost. Our partnerships with select suppliers, which we vet through our rigorous verification processes, provide a level of service that is consistent, transparent and efficient. Our clients know that their energy costs, and the costs that third party suppliers charge, are representative of the current market rates.


Understanding historical usage is the first stage in energy management.

  • What were the key drivers of your demand?
  • How were your capacity and transmission tags set? Could these have been reduced?
  • Do you expect growth in your business? How will your demand patterns change?


Our technology allows us to simulate your demand and to test the performance of various product offerings against it.

  • Accurate forecasts of future usage.
  • Strategies to adjust usage dynamically to reduce energy costs and demand charges.
  • Improved ways to dispatch behind-the-meter generation.


Running an RFP efficiently, analyzing bids and negotiating with suppliers to lower costs.

  • Who are the energy suppliers most qualified to support your requirements?
  • Do they provide products that allow you to hedge adaptively as opposed to a one-time all-in fixed price.
  • Do the suppliers offer a suite of “green” products that will enable me to reach any sustainability goals as set forth by corporate?
  • What are the costs for services provided by suppliers and brokers ─ what are their margins?
  • What are the best contract structures, including use of sub-accounts and working capital accounts.


Monitoring performance during the procurement period allows any deficiencies to be identified and improvements to be made dynamically.

  • Are energy suppliers performing as expected?
  • Did the recommendations for dynamic load response and asset dispatch reduce costs as expected?
  • Are the supplier bills accurate and timely?
  • Has the energy management program met your corporate financial objectives?
Helping you develop and execute strategies to achieve your corporate objective at a lower cost.
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